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Are the JR´s victims still in the pictures?!

27. 7. 2014

Did Jack the Ripper hide mutilated face Catherine Eddowes and other victims into his paintings?  Due to the theatricality of murders, I agree with the idea that Jack the Ripper could be an artist. But first, let´s summarize a few knowledge about various murders and their victims.

1.) MARY ANN NICHOLS - 157cm, 43 years old

† 31. 8. 1888 (Approx 3:20 AM) Modus operandi: strangled, cutting the throat, stabs and cuts in the abdomen, face intact, none of organs missing

2.) ANNIE CHAPMAN - 152cm, 46 years old
† 8. 9. 1888 (Approx 5:30 AM) Modus operandi: strangled, cutting the throat, face intact, abomen opened, stylization of the body and organs (a piece of intestines laid out on the shoulder, put out the things from pocket of victim´s clothes and placed neatly in a row to her feet), some organs missing – the whole uterus, part of the vagina and urinary bladder
3.) ELIZABETH STRIDE - 157cm, 45 years old
† 30. 9. 1888 (Approx 0:45 AM) Modus operandi: wasn´t strangled, Ripper „only“ cut her throat... There were no other injuries on her body or face. Nothing else.
4.) CATHERINE EDDOWES - 152cm, 46 years old
† 30. 9. 1888 (Approx 1:30 AM) Modus operandi: wasn ´t strangled, the abdominal cavity was opened (like in Annie Ch.), missing organs: kidney, part of the uterus, disfigured face: triangular cuts on the cheeks, nose tip removed, removed part of the ear, eyelids erupted
5.) MARY JANE KELLY - 169cm, 25 years old
9.11. 1888 (Approx 9:30 AM) Modus operandi: wasn ´t strangled, cutting the throat, the abdominal cavity was opened, missing organs – the heart, mutilated face was very similar to that of Catherine E.
………… this is the lithographic print, which was made in 1889. More interesting fact is, that a draft for this was the sketch, which was also used as a draft for the oil painting made in October/November 1888. That means, in period after a „Double Event“ (night of the murdering Liz Stride and Catherine Eddowes) and before the last „final“ murder of Mary Jane Kelly. Look at the faces of the women in front... Don´t you see Catherine Eddowes in the second one?

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Are the JR´s victims still in the pictures?! (ll.)


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