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God´s eye and the ear of Vincent van Gogh

30. 7. 2014

God´s eye and the ear of Vincent van Gogh ...apparently discontinuous symbols. Cain* (  was chasing by “God´s eye” after murder of his own brother. The cause of this heinous crime was jealousy.

What about Vincent? Vincent - pure soul. The man who tried to find a good site even in the worst persons. His younger brother Theo supported him all his life. Their relationship was so strong that Theo died almost a half year after Vincent.

God's eye conceals also another meaning. This symbol represents not only warning and persecution but the God´s eye has the protective function too. Literally: "If anyone killed Cain, he´d get the sevenfold revenge" Who was Cain thus? Cain was a murderer. Cold-blooded, ruthless egoist. Of course, we need to look through symbols on anything.

What role in the story did Vincent play? Important one! Actually he has represented the symbol of "God's eye" cos he knew one cold-blooded killer but never let him out. Just like a God, he didn´t punish the offender. He couldn´t. Rather he turned the gun on himself and cut off his ear. In the name of what he heard... in the name of who revealed him this awful mystery... It was his close friend, his teacher, model, almost his “God”... on the other side it was a man, who noticeably despised him but secretly admired as well...


The man, who´s proudly declared, Vincent would become the famous artist only because of him...

The man who abused Vincent´s faith, hospitality and kindness.

The man, who shamelessly insert symbols of morbid acts into his Works.

The man, who manipulated anyone to achieve his goals.

The man, who was deadly thirsty for success.

The man, who put himself into the role of God or Devil...

The man, who said: „I have never done as good as I did some evil.“

The man, who blamed others for his failures.

The man, who hated.

The man, who loved.

The man, who was afraid of his wife...

...and couldn´t face her


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