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Jack the Ripper

Although some people think the whole Ripper story can be just a fiction, Jack the Ripper was a killer who really existed. There have been at least 5 victims shining on his list: Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Liz Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly. All prostitutes, all murdered in London´s Whitechapel during the months August till November 1888.
There was more than enough of possible suspects for JR crimes. The number exceeds one hundred. To this group belong people of different classes and professions. From harmless fool, through a doctor, midwife to a member of royal family.
Remember, that Jack the Ripper „Phenomenon“ was created by the MEDIA. Of course the killer who commited the heinous murders of prostitutes was real, but as no one has ever seen, nor knew his identity... the Picture about how he looked, who probably could it be... have created the eager reporters.
So forget thus high mystical, mysterious man in a black jacket with a stylish top hat on his head! In fact, it could be completely different.........